97A Crucible Of Revolution taken from Abandoned Future CD/LP

Abusive Action - burning bridges taken from 's/t' 12"/ MCD

A Step Apart - Taking hold taken from There is a choice 7"

Black Friday '29 - blackout taken from 'Blackout' 7"/ MCD

Blacklisted - long way home taken from 'The beat goes on" CD

Break it up - Tension taken from No sides CD/LP

Break it up - Down to your level taken from No sides CD/LP

DAS OATH Sunny Shores Of Beirut
taken from Über Alles Collection CD

Dead scenestars - Nightstalker taken from Absolute horror 7"

Dead scenestars - Fashion pigs taken from Absolute horror 7"

Downslide - break through taken from 'Nowhere To Hide' 7"/ MCD 

Downslide - our lives
taken from 'split 7" w/ Know Your Enemy' 7" 

Downslide - Unwired
taken from Unwired 7"

Down to nothing - All this is dead taken from the split with On thin ice

Enforcer - no hearts burning taken from 'Trail Of Darkness' 7"/ MCD 

Eyeball - spirit remains
taken from 'Talkin Straight ' 7"/ MCD 

Eyeball - too soon to forget
taken from 'More Days To Come' LP/ CD 

Fairfight 7" - taken from their 7"

Fight for change - taken from Join the fight 7"

First Failure - Never ending road taken from "The Option" CD

FTX - other side taken from the split with Woof CD

Know Your Enemy - amendment taken from 's/t' 7"/ MCD 

Know Your Enemy - regenerate
taken from 'split 7" w/ Downslide' 7" 

Icepick - This time taken from Goldrush CD

Internal affairs - You don't know me
taken from This is for you ... LP

Internal affairs - You lose taken from This is for you ... LP

Internal affairs - Casualty of the core taken from This is for you ... LP

Justice - Without Face taken from Justice CD

Mainstrike - evidence taken from 'Times Still Here' 7"

Mainstrike - no passing phase
taken from 'No Passing Phase' LP/ CD

My luck - Expired
taken from Endurance 7"

No Denial - love letter taken from 'Soundtrack Of Decline' LP/ CD

No turning back - Wortless lines
taken from split 7" with The Deal

No turning back - Sick world taken from "Rise from the ashes" CD

North - Perfect Body Perfect Soul 7"

Nothing done - Stick It Out taken from Idiot Stomp 7"

ManLiftingBanner - no compromise taken from 'We Will Not Rest' CD

Modern Life Is war - First and Ellen taken from "My love, My way" CD

Modern Life Is war - Dead Ramones taken from "Witness" CD

On A Solid Rock  - Where Kids Don't Play 7"

Onward - what silence knows taken from 'These Words Still Pray' 12"

Pointing Finger - Transcend 7"

Razor Crusade - I wish you were me  taken from "Infinite Water" CD

Rise And Fall - Where Ghosts Roam taken from "Into Oblivion" CD

Seein Red Naive taken from Discography Part 1 CD

Sportswear - it runs deep
taken from 's/t' CD

Strike first  - "... and out come the rats" taken from The requiem of the Aftermath"

Strong as ten  - "back to reality"

Subject To Change - off your hands taken from 'what tomorrow brings' LP/ CD

Tear It Up
- Tear it up, tear it down taken from The December 2000 Sessions CD

The Miracle - True Spirit EP 7"

The Age 7"

The Silver Shine 7" 

The Deal - Smile until it snaps taken from split 7" with No Turning Back

True Blue - delta taken from 'The Ice' 7"/ MCD

WOOF - contradiction taken from the split with FTX CD


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